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The bucket conveyor represents a block design and consists of a set of different number of sections: through vertical and horizontal; angular; boot; unloading; drive; tension. The tension section is located at the bottom at the very beginning of the conveyor and is intended for separate tension of a chain with buckets. In the loading section, the buckets are close to each other with a cross, which eliminates the spillage of the product during loading. It is possible to install several boot sections. Pass-through vertical and horizontal sections are delivered in various lengths, it gives the chance to pick up precisely necessary length of the conveyor. Connection of sections among themselves flange on bolts. Corner sections of two types: L and Z-shaped – allow to assemble the conveyor of a necessary configuration. Due to the special design of the conveyor, the buckets are in a horizontal position along the entire length of the transport and only in the unloading section under the action of electric, pneumatic or manual drive the buckets turn completely. The last section – the drive is located at the very end of the conveyor route. The circuit is driven by a gear motor. The drive control circuit must ensure a smooth start / stop and, if necessary, a smooth change in the speed of the motor. Buckets are made of food, frost-resistant shock-resistant polymer. The chain of high quality roller with the hollow platen provides long service life. The design of the conveyor gives the chance of easy replacement of buckets without dismantling of section and disconnection of a chain. The bucket conveyor has an advantage over chain conveyors and other types at combination in one design of vertical and horizontal movement of freight. And adding to this a careful attitude to the product, the bucket conveyor can be considered the best solution for transporting seeds and fragile goods.

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