Our equipment helps to reduce the energy intensity of the drying process
Our equipment helps to reduce the energy intensity of the drying process
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Drying is one of the main post-harvest stages of grain processing and the most energy-intensive, allowing to maintain its quality and consumer properties. Since the quality of cereals is very important, drying equipment must be reliable, efficient and easy to use. The quality of grain drying depends on properly selected equipment and drying conditions. For more than 25 years, the plant of agricultural equipment “SOKOL” has been producing shaft-type grain dryers. The model range of grain dryers covers productivity from 5.0 t/h to 100.0 t/h in wheat with 6% moisture removal in drying mode with cooling. The most important performance indicators of our grain dryers are high efficiency. It is achieved through the use of a modern control system and automation of the drying process, the recovery of exhaust cooling air and highly efficient burner devices.

The market dictates its needs, and, taking them into account, “SOKOL” has developed equipment that allows high-quality drying of grain, economically consuming energy resources. In 2010, we launched mass-produced grain cooler, a year later a fanned hopper, type BV, in 2012, a heat generator using vegetable fuel, and the next year, a heat exchanger.

The use of a cooler and a fanned hopper for cooling grain after drying can increase the productivity of grain dryers, increasing the heating zone due to the cooling zone. In this case, grain cooling occurs in coolers. Depending on the selected drying mode, either flow coolers or fanned hoppers are used. In addition, fanned hoppers can be used for “stripping”, “fogging” of grain after drying, followed by purging with atmospheric air in order to remove the most difficult moisture. This technology allows you to dry the grain in grain dryers not up to 14%, but up to 16%. This significantly reduces the drying time, hence the fuel consumption, which saves up to 40% of energy. Grain dried by this method has higher quality indicators. This is especially true for crops susceptible to “fracturing.” In-line coolers are produced with a capacity of 15, 30, 45 t/h, fanned hoppers – with a volume of 23 m³ to 55 m³.

Fanned hoppers can be used during the grain harvesting period to store wet grain before drying, to ensure constant and uniform shipment / loading of grain drying complexes. Hoppers are able to provide a safe storage time for grain with a moisture content of up to 24% for 4 days, ideal for storing seeds.

Another development of the “SOKOL”, which allows efficient use of energy resources, is a heat generator working on baled straw. The TGT heat generator is intended for heating atmospheric air up to 1200 ºС. The fuel used in the heat generator is straw, compressed into bales. Maximum single load up to 1200.0 kg. Continuous burning of fuel for a single charge for 2 hours. It is possible to use firewood, grain husks, sawdust as an additive to burning straw. The heat generator has a block system and can easily increase power with the addition of combustion chambers. Alternate loading of the combustion chambers and a significant volume of the water circuit can minimize fluctuations in the outlet temperature of the drying agent, which is very important for high-quality grain drying.

The design department of our company is constantly working on improving the equipment produced and developing new, demanded by the market. Thus, “SOKOL” is working to improve the quality of grain drying, reduce losses and effectively save energy resources.

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