Z-noria bucket conveyor
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Z-noria bucket conveyor

Is used for careful transportation of bulk products horizontally and vertically, creating any path geometry in different directions based on the location of the production line.

Its main task is to take care of the product, it can be considered the best solution for transporting seeds and fragile goods.

The Z-noria bucket conveyor has an advantage over other types of conveyors in combining vertical and horizontal movement of cargo.

It is a block structure and consists of a set of different numbers of sections:

  • vertical and horizontal throughputs,
  • angular,
  • loading and unloading,
  • tension and drive.

The tensioning section is located at the beginning of the conveyor and is intended for separate tensioning of a chain with buckets. In the loading section, the buckets are close to each other with an intersection, which eliminates the spillage of the product during loading. It is possible to install several boot sections. Different through, vertical and horizontal sections make it possible to accurately select the required length of the conveyor. Flange sections are bolted together. Corner sections allow to assemble the conveyor of the necessary configuration.

Due to the special structure of the conveyor, the buckets are in a horizontal position along the entire length of transportation. And only in the unloading section under the action of an electric, pneumatic or manual actuator they turn over completely.

The last section – the drive – is located at the very end of the conveyor route. The circuit is actuated by a gear motor. The drive control circuit provides smooth start / stop, and if necessary – also smooth change of frequency of rotation of the electric motor.

Conveyor buckets are made of impact- and frost-resistant polypropylene.

The main properties of polypropylene:

  • Resistance to high temperatures (t melting = 175 ° C);
  • High impact resistance, resistance to multiple bends, hardness;
  • High wear resistance (compared to polyamides);
  • High resistance to chemicals;
  • Food contact is allowed.

Polypropylene buckets are intrinsically safe, prevent sticking, do not crush the product, do not rust and have low weight. The high-quality roller chain provides long service life. The construction of the conveyor allows easy replacement of buckets without disassembling sections and disconnecting the chain. The bucket conveyor will be the best solution for moving seeds, medicinal raw materials, snack products and other fragile, loose cargo.

Conveyor bucket Z-noria from the producer (Kharkiv)

ZEO Sokol has been a leader in the production of conveyor equipment since 1992 and provides services for the development, manufacture and sale of equipment for transportation, drying and processing of grain crops. Advantages of joint cooperation:

  • Wide choice of conveyor equipment and individual production of equipment;
  • Availability of quality certificates and equipment guarantees;
  • Reasonable prices for conveyors and comprehensive solutions;
  • Individual approach to each customer.

To order elevator equipment in Kiev, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine, contact our manager by phone (057) 714-00-97 or visit the website.

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