The plastic bucket elevator
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The plastic bucket elevator is the main working body of the bucket elevator. He is responsible for the capture and movement of bulk materials vertically upward. The buckets are attached to the belt at a specific pitch using elevator bolts, the head of which has spikes that cut into the belt and prevent spinning. There are grooves around the holes for fastening on the buckets – the seats for the bolt heads. The material for the elevator bucket is impact-resistant polypropylene. Our elevator buckets are explosion-proof, do not injure grain, do not change their geometric shape, do not corrode, do not stick to grain (or other bulk materials).

Grain noria drum
The noria drum is an important part of this conveyor.
Due to the use of quality materials, well-established production process, as well as careful quality control, noriya drums produced by ZEO “SOKOL” have increased wear resistance and reliability.

Topical spare part for modern conveyors and conveyor lines, as well as various industrial equipment and agricultural machinery.

Conveyor belt in elevator complexes is used for transportation of bulk materials.

At the request of the Customer delivery of KALE oil-resistant tape is possible

Ribbon connector is used to sew ribbons of different thicknesses and lengths.


It is used in drive and tension stations of conveyors, norias. Transmits torque to the chain from the drive and is used to tension and center the chain.

Noria Pulley
By means of a belt the pulley gives movement of a drum.

Noria clutch
Designed to connect the main shafts to transmit torque from the motor to the gearbox and from the gearbox.

You can buy parts for the noria by contacting the contact phone numbers listed on our website.

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