Sita Fadeeva
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Sita Fadeeva

The productivity of any grain cleaning equipment can be significantly increased by using a new under-sowing Fadeev sieve (patent No. 38580).
A universal way to increase the productivity of various types of grain cleaning machines is to increase the transparency of the sieves, i.e. increase the total area of ​​the holes without changing the area of ​​the sieve.

The main bottleneck that hinders the performance of grain cleaning machines is the poor removal of small debris on under-sowing sieves due to the fact that sieves with small round holes have a small total area of ​​holes, and hence a small free area. The very shape of the round hole on traditional sieves, even with a small size of the bridge between the holes, does not allow providing the maximum possible free section through the bridges remaining between the holes (Fig. 1).

A completely different thing is a sieve with hexagonal holes (Fig. 2).

It is these sieves that have been patented in Ukraine (patent No. 38580. Sito Fadeev) and Russia (patent No. 81910. Sito Fadeev) by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Leonid Vasilievich Fadeev.

Fig. 1 Traditional sieves Fig. 2 Sita Fadeeva

Traditional sieves a, mm 3 3 3 3.5 4 4
t, mm 3.8 4.3 4.8
F2 (%) open area 62.4 62.4 62.4 66.2 69.4 69.4
Sita Fadeeva a, mm 3 3.5 4
t, mm 4.5 4.8 5 5.5 6 7
F1 (%) open area 40.3 35.4 32.6 36.7 40.3 29.6
(%) improve cleaning performance F2 to F1 ratio 40.3 35.4 32.6 36.7 40.3 29.6

The above comparisons show that the increase in the productivity of grain cleaning machines, if we only consider the productivity of the sifting with an increase in the open section of the undersowing sieves, is 55% or more.
Cell dimensions:

  • 1,5 мм;
  • 2 мм;
  • 2,5 мм;
  • 3 мм;
  • 3,5 мм;
  • 4 мм;
  • 5 мм;
  • 6 мм;
  • 7 мм;
  • 8 мм;
  • 9 мм;
  • 10мм.

In short, old machines with new sieves will start working in a new way!

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