Grain dryers
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The grain dryer is designed to continuously dry grain of wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice, rape and other cereals, oilseeds, legumes, small seeds and cereals for seed, food and fodder purposes. Dryers are made according to TU U 29.3-30991072-001-2002 in climatic execution for the countries with a temperate climate U1, GOST 15150 and have the certificate of conformity № UA.ODS-19.1922-09. Dryers are available with a capacity of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75 and 100 t / h for wheat when removing 5% moisture in the drying mode with cooling without a heat exchanger with direct heating of the drying agent.

  1. Specifications

  • Ambient temperature 0 ° C
  • relative humidity – 65%
  • The grain has been pre-cleaned
  • Continuous drying with cooling

Data for the following conditions:

  • blowing the grain mass along the cross section of the drying column;
  • recovery of spent unsaturated drying agent and heated cooling air;
  • operation of the main fan on air suction provides uniformity of blowing of grain mass;
  • variable size of the cooling zone;
  • automated control of the dryer;
  • adjustable grain speed;
  • constant control over the temperature of the grain drying agent;
  • accurate maintenance of the drying agent temperature;
  • efficient cooling of dried grain;
  • low specific consumption of electricity and fuel;
  • high thermal insulation of the dryer, low heat loss to the environment;
  • The main elements are made of galvanized steel;
  • Designed for outdoor use.
  1. Device

The dryer consists of:

  • basics;
  • drying column;
  • over-drying hopper;
  • air channels;
  • fans;
  • burner;
  • Dryer control panel.

The base is a metal frame on which the drying column is mounted on top. At the base is the exhaust mechanism, which is a carriage slotted structure. Working, the carriage carries out reciprocating movements and at coincidence of cracks grain from mine pours down to the drying hopper. The carriage starts the pneumatic cylinder.

At the bottom of the drying hopper is a chain conveyor with scrapers that feeds the dried grain to the outside.

The drying column is a steep shaft mounted on the base. The mine consists of identical sections, located one above the other, their number depends on the productivity of the dryer. The lower sections form a cooling zone, the others – a heating zone.

Each section is made of galvanized steel, they consist of four vertical walls, inside which are built several rows of ground triangular boxes with the open part down.

The box rests its ends against the walls of the section. Opposite one of the ends of the box in the side wall is a triangular window, and at the other end it is closed. The box is divided into supply (+) and discharge (-): the former have windows on the supply side of the drying agent (heating zone) or atmospheric air (cooling zone), the latter – on the opposite side.

Deaf walls of a drying column are closed by a covering from the pro-thinned-out galvanized sheet and heat-insulated.

The over-drying hopper is located above the drying column and is a limited capacity for grain on the sides and top. In the top part the loading funnel and the hatch is located. Inside – two grain level indicators. The over-drying hopper serves to create a hydraulic gate that prevents leakage of the drying agent from the mine and ensures continuous operation of the dryer during short-term interruptions in the supply of grain noria .

Technology of grain drying in grain dryers

To organize the movement of the drying agent, exhaust and atmospheric air on both sides of the inlet and outlet boxes of the drying column are heat-insulated air ducts with a cladding of profiled galvanized sheet.

The structure of the air ducts provides for the possibility of selection, passed through the grain in the cooling zone of atmospheric air and unsaturated spent drying agent, heating it in the mixing zone of flows and feeding into the heating zone of the drying column.

Fans – specialized draft machines that provide the required amount of drying agent and atmospheric air.

A burner is an automatic device designed to spray and ignite fuel and control combustion.

The burner on natural gas consists of the burner device, the control mechanism of a gas gate, the control unit and the gas block.

Drying of grain and seeds in grain dryers, cost

To extend the shelf life of grain, you need to know the features of drying. In order to keep the grain for a long time without self-heating, which is a detrimental process for the harvest, the grain moisture is reduced to the desired level. Self-heating

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