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Construction of an elevator in modern conditions is a complex development and design process that includes many stages and features of elevator equipment, requiring special knowledge and experience. A modern elevator is a high-tech enterprise with a variety of equipment – scraper conveyors, bucket elevators, augers, grain dryers, hoppers, flat bottom silos, bulk grain storage bunkers, railway car loading bunkers, fuel supply systems. When designing an elevator, first, a general technological scheme is determined, which includes a number of technological processes – grain acceptance, preliminary cleaning, grain transportation, grain drying, grain calibration, cleaning, dust aspiration, loading silos, loading grain onto vehicles, loading grain rail cars. Also, when designing, it is required to take into account the placement of access roads and supply of communications. Determination of the productivity of conveyors and elevators is determined based on the daily grain intake and the planned annual turnover of the elevator. The productivity of the grain dryer is taken at the level of 50 -70 percent of the productivity of the conveyors. To compensate for the uneven reception of grain at the elevator, reserve silos with a conical bottom for raw grain are provided. In the case of maximum grain acceptance, they act as a buffer tank and allow evenly loading the dryer for maximum grain drying efficiency with minimum fuel consumption. To reduce grain crushing, the technology of polyurethane lining of grain lines, high-loaded parts of conveyors, bucket elevators, adders, adapters, and overhead valves is used. This technology makes it possible to reduce grain crushing, increase phytosanitary standards for grain storage, reduce technological downtime of equipment, and increase the profitability of the elevator.

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