Screw conveyor
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Screw conveyors are used to transport bulk products over short and medium distances without increased requirements for crushing the transported product. They are cheaper, more compact and easier to maintain.

The main working body in the conveyor is a screw (auger), which rotates in a closed (fixed) housing.

The screw conveyor body is produced both in cylindrical shape and in grooved design. Particular attention in screw conveyors should be paid to the screw as the most wearing part, the material from which it is made and its thickness.

Screw conveyors in Ukraine

Screw conveyors with submersible scrapers are designed for horizontal or inclined (with an angle of inclination no more than 15) movement of grain and its processed products in all climatic zones. Designed for outdoor installation without a canopy. By design, conveyors can be reversible, two-way, open, for dump holes, inclined. The length of the conveyor is formed by a set of drive and tension stations, through passage, loading sections and intermediate unloading sections. The connection of all conveyor units is bolted. A range of lengths of passage sections – from 0.625 m to 2.5 m – allows you to assemble a conveyor of any length with a pitch of 125 mm. In the loading section, the product is fed directly to the lower working branch of the chain with scrapers. Pass-through sections are closed from above with removable galvanized metal covers. The chain is tensioned using two tensioning screws. Pass-through sections of a special design allow the installation of rack valves with manual or electric drive and provide intermediate unloading. The dampers in the dampers open along the conveyor axis.

Key Features

Productivity (ϒ = 0,75t / m3) 100 t/h
Maximum length, 50m
Chain speed, 0,45m/s
Breaking force of the chain, 11200kg
Chain pitch, mm (ϒ = 0.75t / m3) 100
Scraper width, 340mm
Reducer 2TS2A (Ukraine), ZA (TRAMEC, Italy)
Wall thickness, mm 3
Bottom thickness, 4mm

The conveyor pulling device is a special version of the standard M112 chain. The chains are equipped with plastic scrapers.

The conveyor is manufactured in two coating options:

  • powder coated gray
  • hot-dip galvanized at least 275g / m2

The drive consists of a cylindrical gearbox of domestic or foreign production and an electric motor. A gearbox with a hollow output shaft is mounted on the conveyor drive shaft and transmits rotation to it directly without a coupling. A domestically produced gearbox with increased shaft diameters, which makes it possible to transmit increased torques and increase the overload capacity of the conveyor.

Basic set:

  • drive station
  • tension station
  • boot section
  • walk-through sections
  • scraper chain
  • drive station obstruction sensor
  • open circuit sensor

Optional equipment:

  • additional boot section
  • staging sections
  • manual / electric gate valves
  • bottom lining
  • fasteners
  • funnels
  • control panel without cables
  • chain speed monitor

The Sokol plant manufactures screw conveyors for various tasks and needs – for elevators, oil extraction plants, thermal power plants, mills, etc. The thickness of the auger feather being produced is from 3 to 6 mm, and for the transportation of chips, the thickness reaches up to 8 mm. The augers are manufactured in modules, the bolted connection facilitates installation and commissioning. It is possible to manufacture screws for ash removal with temperatures up to 300 C. The plant also manufactures stainless steel screws for the food industry and processing enterprises.

If you need to buy a screw conveyor in Ukraine, feel free to contact the ZEO “Sokol”. If you are interested in the price of a screw conveyor, you can call us by phone or leave a request on our website and order. The cost of the conveyor will be clarified by our specialists who will help you choose the most suitable option. Contact our manager by phone 057-714-00-97 or fill out the online application form on the website’s website.
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