Combined fodder silos
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Buy feed silage in Ukraine

Combined fodder silos are produced with a capacity of 5 to 120 m3 with a conical bottom angle of 60 degrees. Designed for storing mixed feed and bran. They are used on farms for breeding poultry, pigs, cattle. Execution on a stand for shipment to a car is possible. The flat wall of the silo reduces dust formation on the wall and the hanging of the feed. The feed and bran silos are equipped with a pneumatic loading pipe with a quick coupling and an air outlet pipe.

Silos are used in various industries as storage for dry bulk materials and food. In agriculture, their field of application is feed storage. The feed silo is a large, closed hopper made of sealed, durable and corrosion-resistant material.

On poultry or livestock farms, there is a problem with the preservation of feed. To start the process correctly, significant areas are required, ensuring optimal parameters, access roads, integration with feed lines, and others.

Bulk Feed Hopper: Features

To cope with all sorts of difficulties allows a bunker for bulk feed in Ukraine of a special design. Reasonable price, quality storage and automation are the reasons for installing this equipment on the farm. This is a vertically positioned container that can accommodate tens of tons of bulk feed without taking up excess space. Usually silos for compound feed have a capacity of 5 to 120 cubic meters. and a tapered bottom with an angle of 60 degrees.

What are the main design advantages of dry feed equipment? Structurally, the bunker for compound feed is made in such a way as to guarantee long-term storage of bulk materials of any kind. The structure is a cylindrical or tapered product with a flat or tapered bottom. The flat wall reduces the amount of dust and eliminates the hanging of the feed. The design is well ventilated and protects the contents from negative external factors:

  • precipitation;
  • high or low temperatures;
  • humidity;
  • rodents;
  • birds.

On agricultural farms for breeding poultry, pigs and cattle, silage for compound feed in Ukraine is located directly next to the building or inside the farm in front of the automatic feed distribution line. The structure can be placed on a stand to ensure the unloading of feed into vehicles. The hoppers are equipped with a special pipe for pneumatic loading and an air exhaust pipe.

It is profitable to order a bunker for storing compound feed

The main advantages of the design are:

  1. Compactness. The storage of mixed feeds of various types is greatly simplified. The equipment takes up a minimum of space.
  2. Ease of loading / unloading. Silo for compound feed in Ukraine has a convenient design to ensure fast loading and unloading of bulk materials. The process is streamlined and fully automated.
  3. Reliable control. Silos are equipped with sensors for controlling temperature, humidity, loading level and others.
  4. Ease of repair. Parts and accessories are manufactured separately from the bunker. If a spare part fails, you can always buy a new one and replace it.
  5. Reliable materials. For production, high-quality and reinforced materials are used, which significantly extend the life of the bunker.

The ventilation system controls the air circulation, keeping the optimal parameters of the stored feed. Compliance with storage regimes allows you to minimize product losses and costs.

ZEO “Sokol” offers to order and buy a bunker for storing compound feed in Ukraine. Over its 25-year history, the elevator equipment plant has become the industry leader. Reasonable cost, full production cycle: from design to delivery of the finished product, as well as subsequent after-sales service make the decision to buy feed silo at ZEO “Sokol” reasonable and justified.

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