Cone silos
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This silo with a tapered bottom is designed to store grain before it is processed. Its capacity ranges from 30 to 940 cubic meters. It received its name due to the construction of the bottom, which is in the form of a cone. It was designed in such a way as to ensure gravity flow of grain. The angle of inclination in such devices ranges from 45 to 66 degrees, depending on the specification. They are used for bulk solids and non-bulk solids.

Available in accordance with TU U 29.3-30991072-002 and are intended for the accumulation of crops with high humidity for:

  • continuous operation of grain dryers;
  • grain tracking;
  • Use as a shipment hopper.

The granary on the conical bottom is a cylindrical tank with a diameter of 2.7 m to 8.5 m and a usable volume of up to 700 m3
Silos with a conical bottom are located on metal supports and have a conical discharge funnel. The support is a steel structure, assembled on bolts with minimal welding.
The conical bottom consists of steel sheets (sectors) connected by bolts. The angle of inclination of the funnel is 550. For difficult-flowing products (meal, cake), a bottom with an angle of inclination of 600 is used.

Grain in a silo with a conical bottom is loaded in the same way as in a silo with a flat bottom.

Unloading takes place in a noriya or conveyor by gravity through an open valve at the bottom of the bottom.

In the roof of the silo there are places for installing the filling indicator and mounting the thermal suspension. In the bottom of the silos for ventilation of the grain there are ventilation ducts.

The granary is supplied as standard:

  • wall elements;
  • roof elements;
  • internal staircase;
  • ventilation ducts;
  • fan;
  • stand.

In order to maintain the high quality of your grain, you must keep it in certain conditions. Modern silos for storing grain do an excellent job of their goals. By work, they are similar to barns, but are more convenient and easy to use. You can buy a silo for grain storage from proxies using a search on the Internet.
The construction of silos is not as difficult as it seems. They are designed in several parts, although they look very bulky and complicated. Only a ventilated tank, bottom and lid are used. The topcoat is made using sectors fastened by ribs. This is the most moody part of the design.
In most cases, the housing is a panel mechanism in which gaskets are provided. Thanks to such orders, the building is covered with rust and does not respond to negative weather conditions. Cone models simplify the process of uploading content.

ZEO “Sokol” is a leader in the production of elevator equipment since 1992 and provides services for the development, manufacture and sale of equipment for transportation, drying and processing of grain crops. The advantages of joint cooperation:

  • Wide selection and individual production of equipment;
  • Availability of quality certificates and equipment warranty;
  • Reasonable prices for conveyors and complex solutions;
  • Individual approach to each client.

To order a hopper bottom silo in Kiev, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine, contact our manager by phone (057) 714-00-97 or visit the website.

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