Grain dryers “SOKOL” reduces heat drops
Grain dryers “SOKOL” reduces heat drops
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Previous seasons have shown good yields of cereals. With increased volumes of grain inflow, the issue of quality drying comes to the fore. Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural equipment “Sokol” has been manufacturing grain dryers for over 25 years. During this time, thanks to feedback from customers and its own research, the company has gained vast experience and produces grain dryers that are not inferior, but in many respects, superior to the best foreign and domestic counterparts.

High-tech shaft-type grain dryers “SOKOL” are designed for continuous drying of wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice, rape and other grain, oilseeds, legumes, small seeds and cereals of any purposes.

To prevent sudden thermal differences, reduce fuel consumption and improve the quality of drying, a multi-zone grain heating system is provided in our grain dryer. It reduces the risk of “heat shock” when, during the process of grain overheating or sudden changes in temperature, the quality of the product deteriorates, the cracking of legumes and rice grains increases, the baking properties of flour decrease, and starch is difficult to separate in overdried corn.

Our specialists developed the original design of the grain dryer, which consists of a preheating zone, a drying zone and a zone for stabilizing the grain temperature before cooling.

Grain drying occurs by suctioning hot air through a grain bed using axial fans. A large number of inlet and outlet boxes allows you to evenly distribute the drying agent in the shaft of the grain dryer and use it most effectively.

Due to the large number of boxes in the grain dryer, the layer of the dried material is thinner and blown from both sides, which also affects the efficiency of use of the energy of the heatholder, and, accordingly, the fuel consumption. Since a vacuum is created inside the grain shaft, i.e. a grain dryer works on rarefaction. As practice and repeated studies show, removing moisture from grain does not lead to internal stresses, cracking and deterioration of marketable properties. A vacuum grain dryer is more economical than a pressure dryer.

The “SOKOL” grain dryer is ideally suited for grain drying with high humidity, seed, small seeds and any grain and leguminous crops.

The advanced design of the grain dryer minimizes dust emissions into the atmosphere. Axial exhaust fans with silencers are located at the top, which allows you to place the grain dryer in any convenient place of the enterprise, not paying attention to the wind rose. Particularly relevant is the issue of dust emissions in enterprises with close proximity to residential areas and office buildings. Innovative technological solutions for dust suppression used in the design of the grain dryer and in the algorithm of its operation allowed to minimize dust emission during the drying process.

Maximum energy efficiency is achieved by using circular thermal insulation of the dryer casing, separation of the drying zone and heat recovery (gas), full automation of the process. All this saves up to 25% of fuel in total, while the productivity does not depend on the time of year.

In addition, we have developed and optionally proposes to install an early fire warning system to prevent fires at sites.

Distinctive features of “SOKOL” grain dryers are exceptional reliability, high energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, automation of control, and the use of components from “Schneider Electric”, “Siemens”, “Bosch” guarantees the failure-free operation of automation.

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