Scraper conveyor
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Chain conveyors with sinkable scrapers are designed for horizontal or inclined (with an angle of inclination of no more than 15°), reverse and two-way movement of grain and its processed products in all climatic zones.

Designed for outdoor installation without a canopy.

The length of the conveyor is formed by a set of drive and tension stations, passageways, loading sections and sections of intermediate unloading. The connection of all nodes of the conveyor is bolted. A number of lengths of passageways – from 0.625m to 2.5m – allows you to assemble a conveyor of any length with a pitch of 125mm.

In the loading section, the product is given directly to the lower working branch of the chain with scrapers. The walls of the loading section are lined with polyurethane 3.5 mm thick. The passageways from above are closed with removable galvanized metal covers. The chain is tensioned using two tensioning screws. Passageways of a special design allow the installation of rack valves with manual or electric drive and provide intermediate unloading.
The dampers in the valves open along the axis of the conveyor. The traction body of conveyor of bucket elevator is a special version of the standard chain M112 or TRD-38. There are plastic scrapers on the chain.
The conveyor is manufactured in two coating options:

  • powder coated in gray;
  • hot dip galvanizing not lower than 275 g/m2.

The drive consists of a cylindrical gearbox of domestic or foreign production and an electric motor, or a gear motor of foreign manufacture. A gearbox with a hollow output shaft is fixed on the drive shaft of the conveyor and transfers the rotation to it directly without a coupling.

Performance 20 t / h 50 t / h 50 t / h 100 t / h 200 t / h
Maximum length 50m 40m 100m 50m 40m
Chain Speed ​​ 0.5m / s 0.54m / s 0.45m / s 0.65m / s
Breaking strength of the chain 4000kg 11200kg
Chain pitch 38mm 100mm
Scraper width 240mm 340mm
Reducer 2TS2A (Ukraine)
ZA (Tramec Italy)
Gear motor TS (Tramec Italy)
Wall Thickness 2mm 3mm
Bottom thickness 4mm 5mm


Basic set:
  • a drive station;
  • a traction station;
  • a loading section, polyurethane lined ;
  • passageways;
  • a chain with scrapers;
  • drive station blockage sensor.
Optional equipment:
  • a additional loading section;
  • sections of intermediate unloading;
  • valves with manual/electric drive;
  • bottom lining;
  • nodes of fixing;
  • adapters;
  • control panel without cables;
  • a control device of chain speed .

Grain conveyor – a device designed to transport grain crops, seeds and other similar products in a production environment. Such equipment differs in design, technological capabilities, overall parameters, cost and other characteristics. The plant of elevator equipment “Sokol” offers a wide range of elevators, conveyors and entire complexes of its own production in Kharkov, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.


Elevator Chain Belt Conveyor

Bucket chain bucket elevator is a conveying equipment in which tractive effort is created by means of one or two chains. As a rule, they are used to move goods with high temperatures. This equipment can move loads heavier than belt elevators. In addition, chain bucket elevators of this type have a high level of productivity and can be used outdoors.

The bucket-type chain elevator has a number of positive qualities:

  1. Self-supporting mine;
  2. High level of dustproof equipment mine;
  3. Manufacturability of operation, maintenance and repair.

There are also combined conveyors, one of which is a chain belt conveyor. For such equipment, traction is created using a tape and one or more chains. Such a conveyor is distinguished by its versatility, durability and high level of productivity.


Bucket-type grain and seed chain elevator

Suspended chain conveyor – continuous-action equipment, which is designed to move cargo inside the workshop. Such equipment consists of several units:

  1. Overhead single-rail track;
  2. Undercarriage;
  3. Tensioning equipment;
  4. Chain tensioner;
  5. One or more drive units.

Depending on the purpose, such a conveyor can be: pushing, carrying, carrying. At the same time, overhead conveyors save space in the workshop, differ in productivity and versatility. For an overhead chain conveyor, the price depends on the design features of the equipment, purpose, and overall dimensions. In our company it is possible to order an individual production of a conveyor for transporting grain, seeds and other bulk or container cargo.

Suspended chain conveyor price Kharkiv, Kiev

A chain conveyor for grain is an equipment for moving various types of goods in production. The transportation of the load on a belt or in buckets is carried out due to the traction created by one or two chains. The conveyor of this type is distinguished by its performance, strength, wear resistance and the ability to be used for working with different types of cargo. In our company, you can buy a chain conveyor of several types: vertical, horizontal, inclined.

A type of chain equipment is a chain scraper conveyor. It is an equipment that is designed to move cargo at an angle or to move grain and products of its processing in a horizontal direction. Due to the presence of scrapers, the percentage of product loss during its movement through the workshop is reduced. Depending on the purpose, such conveyors are divided into two types with submerged or high scrapers. The choice depends on the type of transported product.


Buy chain conveyors for grain in Ukraine from the manufacturer

We offer to buy a chain conveyor in Ukraine, as well as other elevator equipment. We offer the following benefits of cooperation:

  • Design, development and creation of elevator equipment for enterprises of different areas of activity;
  • Operation guarantee and quality certificates;
  • Affordable pricing policy;
  • Individual approach to the customer.

To order a chain conveyor in Ukraine, a scraper elevator, a belt conveyor for production in our company, contact our manager by phone 057-714-00-97 or fill out the online application form on the website’s website.

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